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"Wow. You really like that painting, huh?"

"It’s okay."

"Okay? You wound me. That took me three months!" 

"You did this?"

"It is, unfortunately, not one of my finest."

"It’s like the sea and the sky and the earth are one seamless transition of life. It’s good."

"That’s… totally what I was going for."

"So. Painted by Arthur Kendrick. You, right?"

"That it is indeed my name. And you’re… very unfamiliar in a very familiar town.” 

"Simon. Marincola."

"An interesting name for an interesting guy, huh?"

"I think that’s a very subjective statement."

"Of course you’d say that."

"Come, come sit. Tell me what the devil you’ve been doing for the past years. Lord, I haven’t seen you in this town for nearly ten years!"

"Seven. It feels like ten, sometimes. Now… it feels like only yesterday."

"Time has a funny way of doing that, kid. Speaking of which, what have you been doing with yours? Not breaking some young girls’ hearts with that face, have you?"

"Travelling, mostly. With work."

"You sound so much like your father."

"No one’s said that to me for seven years, either."

"Excuse me, ladies? I hope you don’t mind if I watch your game for a moment?"

"No, not at… Simon? My God it is you.”

"Hello, Heather."

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Been a long time, Hunnie.


Been a long time, Hunnie.

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